Filtering Maple Syrup With Egg Whites

We discovered a new to us method of filtering the niter or sugar sand out of your maple syrup. We had no idea this method of filtering maple syrup with egg whites even existed. We use a few different filtering methods for finishing our maple syrup including paper and felt filters.

Homemade Maple Sugar – The Good Sugar

To make maple sugar, the process is rather simple. You’ll need a sauce pan, a small amount of butter (acts as a defoamer), some maple syrup, a thermometer you can trust, a hand blender, spoon or whisk, a fine mesh strainer and a coffee grinder or blender.

The Saporator | Homemade Backyard Sap Evaporator

We were in need of something more than just a turkey fryer to get our sap turned into syrup. The turkey fryer does indeed work well for making backyard maple syrup, and it is what we use to finish our batches. Our syrup production has increased now