Foraging For Chanterelle Mushrooms In Algoma, Northern Ontario

Chanterelle Mushrooms is the common name of several species of wild edible mushrooms in the genera Cantharellus. I was lucky to get out with my nephew to forage for wild Chanterelle mushrooms in northern Ontario’s Algoma region, where we live.

Raising Canadian Nightcrawlers At Home | DIY Dew Worm Farm

How to build and set up a homemade Canadian Nightcrawler worm farm. Dew worms, or nightcrawlers are one of the most popular fishing baits out there. They can get expensive if you fish a lot. For the cost of bait for just a couple of fishing trips, you can set up your own bait farm to raise Canadian nightcrawlers at home and have an endless supply of fishing worms.

Foraging For Trout Lily in Northern Ontario

Yellow Trout Lily. There’s something about spring time foraging. The first few plants of the year that emerge, giving you a fresh, wild meal. Also known as Yellow Dog Tooth Violet, this tiny plant is one of the first plants you’ll see emerging in the eastern United States and Canada.