The Saporator | Homemade Backyard Sap Evaporator

We were in need of something more than just a turkey fryer to get our sap turned into syrup. The turkey fryer does indeed work well for making backyard maple syrup, and it is what we use to finish our batches. Our syrup production has increased now

2019 Maple Syrup Season Kickoff

The maple syrup season has officially kicked off in Algoma, northern Ontario. This season is already shaping up to be one for the books. On March 10th, we tapped the first few ‘test’ trees on the property, close to the house to make daily sap inspections easy.

How To Make Chaga Tea Two Ways

Chaga freshly harvested from the Birch tree needs to be processed before you can make Chaga tea. Processing the Chaga right away is recommended as it is much easier to deal with when fresh than if you let it dry first.

Dehydrated Tuna Pet Treats For Cats Dogs & People

Salmon is one of the most common of these dried fish pet treats.  At the grocery store, we noticed cans of tuna were just over $1 each.  Ding ding ding!!  Let’s try dehydrating tuna and see how it goes!