Winter Chicken Coop Maintenance

We lucked out with a weekend above freezing in the middle of January. We used one day to let the laying hens outside to stretch their wings. We spread some old hay around their outdoor run and gave them some meal worms to scavenge for.

Pineapple Teriyaki Beef Jerky

One thing that has always been a go to for us is beef jerky. Often, in the past, we’ve had to buy it. It’s not cheap, and loaded with all kinds of things that have very strange, unpronounceable names as listed in the ingredients on the packaging.

Easy No-Knead Cast Iron Dutch Oven Bread

It only takes 45 minutes to bake the bread and, if your willpower is weak, only 45 minutes to scarf it down. Bread is also very, very cheap when you make it yourself.

PVC Pipe Chicken Feeders DIY

We saw a picture of this DIY online and figured we would try it out and we are glad we did. In addition to keeping the poop out, they hold a lot of feed reducing the need to fill up their feeders as often.

Morels – Find & Identify Black and Yellow Morels

Morels are probably the most sought after of the wild edible mushrooms. They’re easy to identify, delicious, and plentiful if you look in the right places. They come up in the spring, giving people good reason to get out and enjoy the fresh air after spending the winter months inside