$50 Collapsible Chicken Brooder – Lumnah Acres Inspired

This chicken brooder is simple to make, and will only cost you roughly $50. Possibly less depending on what you might already have lying around your house or shop. The brooder collapses completely, and is easily stored without taking up much space at all. Once the initial construction is complete, the collapsable brooder is assembled and taken apart with just 8 screws.

Chicken Coop Poop Shelf Update

We found out quickly that in these temperatures the chicken poop below the roosts freezes quickly and would grow like stalagmites, messing with the deep composting method. So on a warm day in January we installed a poop tray.

Winter Chicken Coop Maintenance

We lucked out with a weekend above freezing in the middle of January. We used one day to let the laying hens outside to stretch their wings. We spread some old hay around their outdoor run and gave them some meal worms to scavenge for.

PVC Pipe Chicken Feeders DIY

We saw a picture of this DIY online and figured we would try it out and we are glad we did. In addition to keeping the poop out, they hold a lot of feed reducing the need to fill up their feeders as often.