Indoor Seed Starting Setup

In order to maximize what we are able to grow and harvest ourselves, we start planting seeds indoors under lights in January.  These plants are then large enough to begin fruiting in April when they get moved out to the greenhouse.  We continue seeding for our gardens right up until the last frost is expected, to make sure we have a productive plot of land.

Potato Towers

Potato towers are an excellent choice if you have limited space in your yard to grow food. While we have plenty of space here, we wanted to minimize the area we use to grow our potatoes. They’re relatively simple to build with the right materials.

Building A Cold frame For Early Produce

Spring comes late here.  After a long, cold winter, we are found craving fresh produce.  Lettuce, radish & beets will all grow quite well in cooler weather.  To get a bit of a jump start on the spring growing season, we built a small cold frame.