Homemade Maple Sugar – The Good Sugar

To make maple sugar, the process is rather simple. You’ll need a sauce pan, a small amount of butter (acts as a defoamer), some maple syrup, a thermometer you can trust, a hand blender, spoon or whisk, a fine mesh strainer and a coffee grinder or blender.

Dehydrated Tuna Pet Treats For Cats Dogs & People

Salmon is one of the most common of these dried fish pet treats.  At the grocery store, we noticed cans of tuna were just over $1 each.  Ding ding ding!!  Let’s try dehydrating tuna and see how it goes!

Country Vs City – Pizza Margherita

Can you make as good of a meal with ingredients sourced from the country as you can with all the ingredients available in the city? A way to test that idea is to take a talented cook that lives in the city and challenge them to a cook-off.

Pizza Margherita

We are thinking about getting goats, so we thought why not try making goat mozzarella, and when we decided on Pizza Margherita for a cooking competition with our cousin, we got the opportunity to give it a try.

Didn’t Plan Ahead Pizza Dough

It is often the case at Dans Bois that we look at each other at 6 pm and ask: What’s for dinner tonight? Well if the answer you really wanted was pizza, but you didn’t plan ahead to make/buy the ingredients, here is your solution.

Naan-tastic bread – Dairy Free Naan Bread

The only dairy products we ever have around the house are cheese and butter, so we searched high and low for a naan recipe that didn’t require milk or yogurt. Throwing a couple recipes together provided a naan that will make you never buy store-bought again