Homemade Maple Sugar – The Good Sugar

To make maple sugar, the process is rather simple. You’ll need a sauce pan, a small amount of butter (acts as a defoamer), some maple syrup, a thermometer you can trust, a hand blender, spoon or whisk, a fine mesh strainer and a coffee grinder or blender.

Dehydrated Tuna Pet Treats For Cats Dogs & People

Salmon is one of the most common of these dried fish pet treats.  At the grocery store, we noticed cans of tuna were just over $1 each.  Ding ding ding!!  Let’s try dehydrating tuna and see how it goes!

Country Vs City – Pizza Margherita

Can you make as good of a meal with ingredients sourced from the country as you can with all the ingredients available in the city? A way to test that idea is to take a talented cook that lives in the city and challenge them to a cook-off.

Pizza Margherita

We are thinking about getting goats, so we thought why not try making goat mozzarella, and when we decided on Pizza Margherita for a cooking competition with our cousin, we got the opportunity to give it a try.

Didn’t Plan Ahead Pizza Dough

It is often the case at Dans Bois that we look at each other at 6 pm and ask: What’s for dinner tonight? Well if the answer you really wanted was pizza, but you didn’t plan ahead to make/buy the ingredients, here is your solution.

Naan-tastic bread – Dairy Free Naan Bread

The only dairy products we ever have around the house are cheese and butter, so we searched high and low for a naan recipe that didn’t require milk or yogurt. Throwing a couple recipes together provided a naan that will make you never buy store-bought again

Pineapple Teriyaki Beef Jerky

One thing that has always been a go to for us is beef jerky. Often, in the past, we’ve had to buy it. It’s not cheap, and loaded with all kinds of things that have very strange, unpronounceable names as listed in the ingredients on the packaging.