Pizza Margherita

We are thinking about getting goats, so we thought why not try making goat mozzarella, and when we decided on Pizza Margherita for a cooking competition with our cousin, we got the opportunity to give it a try.

Didn’t Plan Ahead Pizza Dough

It is often the case at Dans Bois that we look at each other at 6 pm and ask: What’s for dinner tonight? Well if the answer you really wanted was pizza, but you didn’t plan ahead to make/buy the ingredients, here is your solution.

Naan-tastic bread – Dairy Free Naan Bread

The only dairy products we ever have around the house are cheese and butter, so we searched high and low for a naan recipe that didn’t require milk or yogurt. Throwing a couple recipes together provided a naan that will make you never buy store-bought again

Easy No-Knead Cast Iron Dutch Oven Bread

It only takes 45 minutes to bake the bread and, if your willpower is weak, only 45 minutes to scarf it down. Bread is also very, very cheap when you make it yourself.

Homestead Peanut Butter Cookies

A batch of these barely lasts the day when we make them.  The house fills with that lovely peanut aroma while they bake.  You can toss a handful of chocolate chips into the recipe if you like