We discovered a new to us method of filtering the niter or sugar sand out of your maple syrup. We had no idea this method of filtering maple syrup with egg whites even existed. We use a few different filtering methods for finishing our maple syrup including paper and felt filters.

The process is simple, and this video shows you how to filter maple syrup with egg whites:

As small scale maple syrup producers, we are often left with sediment sitting at the bottom of our mason jars that are filled with syrup before the bottling stage. This sediment is niter, or sugar sand. Sugar sand forms in maple syrup any time it is heated above around 93C/200F. The sugar sand isn’t a problem, although it can make your maple syrup appear cloudy.

Niter or Sugar Sand in Maple Syrup

When you finish and filter your maple syrup, there are a few ways to get rid of the niter. Felt or paper filters are one way. The the egg white method is pretty neat.

Using Egg Whites To Filter Maple Syrup

Take your niter filled jar bottoms and combine them in a sauce pan. Into the syrup, add the whites of 2 eggs per litre of syrup. It’s important to do this while the syrup is cold, so the egg whites don’t begin to cook before they can start doing their job.

Slowly heat the syrup and egg mixture of medium-high heat, turning the heat up slightly as you go along. Use a wisk to stir the mixture throughout the heating process.

Eventually, you’ll notice the egg whites begin to rise to the top as the mixture comes to a boil and the egg whites begin to cook. They’ll start to soak up the sugar sand, and will become a dark grey/brown colour.

Egg Whites & Sugar Sand

After allowing the mixture to boil for a few minutes, turn off the heat and remove the mixture from the stove. You can scoop some of the egg whites out and you should be able to see your clarified maple syrup in the pan.

Clear Syrup Using Egg Whites

Using a funnel with a small filter inside, as well as a cone paper filter, you’ll be able to separate the egg white/sugar sand mixture out of the maple syrup. You’ll want to use a spoon or a spatula to agitate the egg/syrup mixture that is in the funnel in order to help all of the syrup pass through the filter. The paper cone filter under the funnel with trap any small bits of egg white that make it through the funnel.

Filtering Egg Whites Out Of Maple Syrup

The result is crystal clear, delicious, pure maple syrup. The flavour is the same as you would expect, maple! The eggs don’t impart any flavour or aroma to the finished product. Now it’s time for some waffles!

Maple Syrup Filtered With Egg Whites

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