Do you want FREE maple syrup? Are you in Southeast Manitoba? That is great because we want to tap your trees!

So many folks have tap-able trees on their properties and they don’t even know it. Let us do the work. You just sit back and enjoy your pancakes.

We have the equipment and expertise needed to tap your trees and make the maple syrup. All you need to do is fill out the form on the bottom of this page. We will come and make sure that we can tap your tree(s), do all the work, and then we will provide you with 30% of the syrup that comes from your tree(s); with a minimum of 250 ml and the ability to buy more at a fair rate.


What kind of trees can be tapped?

Manitoba Maples (Box Elders) of course! You’d be surprised at how many tree species will give you maple syrup. The most popular tree to tap is a Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum), but ANY tree from the Acer genus will give you maple syrup. A great way to tell if you have a maple tree on your property is if there are keys on the tree or on the ground below the tree.

An easy way to tell if your tree is a maple tree is to look for keys on the branches or on the ground below the tree.

Different maple species have different amounts of sugar in their sap so you need more sap to make the same amount of syrup as a sugar maple, but you still get the same maple flavour. Importantly, the Manitoba Maple, which grows all over this part of Manitoba is part of the Acer genus and will give you delicious maple syrup.

But I thought we needed to have a sugar maple?

ANY tree from the Acer genus will give you maple syrup. Sugar Maples will give you 1 litre of syrup for every 40 litres of sap, while a tree like Manitoba maple will need 60 litres of sap for every 1 litre of syrup.

I am not sure if my tree is a maple, what can I do?

If you think you have tap-able trees but aren’t sure, fill out the form and we will help you figure it out.

That sounds like a lot of sap, will the tapping process harm my tree?

We are experienced in tapping maple trees and know how to tap your tree so that it won’t be harmed. The process of tapping involves drilling a shallow hole and putting in a sterilized metal or plastic spout that is specifically designed for these trees. The tree will heal itself after the spout is removed.

How much syrup will you get from my tree?

The amount of syrup depends on many factors. It will depend on the species of tree, the size of the tree, and even the weather. We will collect your sap in our food grade buckets and store it in our mobile sap tank until we have enough sap to start making syrup.

How big does the tree need to be to tap it?

The minimum trunk size for tapping is 10″ diameter or a 32″ circumference (if you wrap the measuring tape around the tree trunk). There are no height restrictions. Your trees should be at least as big around as a typical dinner plate.

How long can you tap the tree for?

We can start tapping maples when the ground starts to thaw, the daytime temperatures reach above 0°C, and the nighttime temperatures drop below 0°C. These are the perfect conditions for the tree to move sap up the trunk and into your bucket. We will need to stop once your tree starts to bud as it makes the sap bitter to the taste.

Why do I only get 30% of the syrup?

You are providing the sap, and we are very grateful for that, but there are several costs that come along with making maple syrup including the tapping equipment, the large containers to store the sap before it is boiled, the equipment needed to boil the sap, and finally the sterilized and sealed bottles delivered to your door.

Filling out this form below is the first step to getting your free syrupy goodness.