Welcome! You’ve reached Dave and Amanda’s website documenting our lives while we develop our 16 acre wilderness homestead, Wilderstead (pronounced will-dər-sted), with the goal of becoming self-sufficient. At the Wilderstead we make use of both what the wilderness offers and what we can produce ourselves to reduce our reliance on “the grid”.

The Wilderstead has a tiny home, and is surrounded by wilderness. We have quickly been adding raised beds, areas for livestock, and greenhouses. We still need to do more to be fully self-sufficient, but we are on our way.

What makes this website different from all the rest?

We use this website, Facebook, Instagram, and our Youtube channel to document our adventures while becoming self-sufficient with one full time and one part time “wildersteader”. We add a different perspective to the existing community of similar websites and Youtube channels.

We differ from most homesteading websites and Youtubers, because we supplement what we can grow and raise ourselves with what we can forage and catch in nature. We differ from most outdoor adventure and bushcraft blogs because this is our lifestyle and not our hobby.

We hope our website and videos will be useful to people that also want to be more self-sufficient, in particular, in colder climates like northern Ontario.