We will be off-grid full time someday. That is our goal, however, to make that goal a reality we need a few things. We need land, preferably lots of land that is far enough away from any city for privacy, but close enough to remain connected. On this land we need trees to harvest for heat and to use for production of food (i.e. fruit and maple trees). We need open space to grow a garden and livestock. To harvest and care for the trees, garden, and livestock we need lots of equipment and water.  We also need a place to sleep with heat, electricity, and again, water.

That is a lot of needs, and we haven’t even got to our wants! So, we are going to do this slowly. This year we are doing a practice run.

We are lucky enough to have access to a small piece of unused farmland owned by Dave’s grandparents. There is about an acre of land at our disposal which we will use to grow a market garden and feed ourselves. We  also found a nice spot on the property beside a small man-made pond away from the road to park our trailer and solar panels. We happily share this with our dog Caddis, about 6 painted turtles, many frogs, and no shortage of bugs.

Hopefully we will learn a lot about what we need to live off-grid in this practice run.


Amanda, Dave, and Caddis, 6 painted turtles, many frogs, and no shortage of bugs

A lot has changed since this post! Check out our current story here

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